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Questions you should ask your breeder, shelter, or private dog seller

Questions to ask the place you will be getting your dog from.

The following are questions that can help you guide your way through the insane process as to what you might want to ask the place you are going to get your dog from. I have tried covering everything between private dog sellers, Breeders, and shelters. Not all of the questions will apply to every place. However, the most information that you have the better off you will be. Feel free to copy and paste this, for your own use. I did add some questions that you might want to ask yourself as well.

Are you affiliated with the AKC?

Is my dog a pure bread?

Do you have their certificate that proves they are a pure breed?

How old is my dog?

How much does my dog weigh?

How tall is he?

What Breed is he?

Is my dog a mutt? If so, how what is the dog's heritage?

How do I got about getting a DNA step for this dog?

Has he been socialized?

At what age did they start socializing the dog?

What did they do to socialize him?

Any problems during the socialization process?

What is the dog’s temperament like?

How was the dog’s temperament tested?

Any signs of aggression? Growling? Fighting?

Does the dog seem happy?

Does he get along with other dogs?

Do they know where the dog is from?

When was the dog born?

Do they have the dog’s medical records?

What diet are they feeding the dog?

How often should this dog be fed?

Can this dog be crated? or does putting him into a crate cause further anxiety?

Any type of food aggression?

Any type of resource guarding?

Are they going to come microchipped?

Have they had all of their shots?

Would you recommend this dog to be around small children?

Does this dog do better with adults?

Does this dog get along with cats?

Does the dog have any phobias?

How many times has this dog been rehomed?

How many times had this dog been to a shelter?

Was this dog picked up out on the street?

Why was this dog given up?

Do you have the priors owners information?

Do you have the dog's Veterinarian on file? There might be privacy issues when you request the medical chart of someone else's dog. However, as a potential owner you have the right to know what you are getting into.

Any kind of medical problems that I should know ahead of time?

What kind of medical issues does this particular breed might have down the line?

How much exercise is this dog going to need on a daily basis?

Can this dog do therapy work?

Can this dog be a service dog?

Quetsions you should ask yourself before purchasing a pet:

Who is going to be encharge of this dog?

Why am I getting this dog?

Recent current event happen? Loss of a prior dog?

Are you lonely? Dog's do make great companions.

Am I willing to get up every morning and walk this dog?

Am I willing to do hours of research in seeing which veterinarian is affordable?

Am I willing to get a dog walker, once life gets back to normal?

Am I willing to pay a trainer to train a dog?

I know I am getting a dog that has been traumatized. Am I willing to go take the dog and put him on meds which cost money, go through months of counter-conditioning exercises with the hope of possibly coming out with a positive outcome? Can I live wtih a dog that has behavioral issue that can only be managed, but no fixed entirely?

Am I willing to spend the money to go see a veterinarian certified behaviorist? If neither my trainer or regular vet can’t give me the answers that I am looking for?

Can I afford Pet insurance for my dog?

Do I have enough money in my savings account in case my puppy eats something he wasn's supposed to and suddenly needs surgery?

Am I okay, with a dog that has to wear a muzzle in public?

Am I okay, with putting my dogs on medications? Whether temporary and in some cases for life?

Would I like my dog to be a therapy dog, an emotional support dog or a service dog?

Do I want a dog that is high energy?

Do I understand why socializatoin of a dog is so important?

These questions are made for you to get the most information that you can, before you get and choose your dog. By no means are any of these questions meant to discourage anyone from getting a dog. It's actually meant for people to feel empowered and good about the step that they are about to take. Regardless of how you answered the questions

All the best,

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