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"We have two dogs and recently brought a 7-month-old rescue into our family. She has had a few too many homes in her short life and was extremely scared and skittish when she joined us. We hired Tomas to work with us on training her and he has been terrific! He is very knowledgeable, organized and comes prepared at each training session. He is very calm and patient with her. He carefully describes what the plan is for each training session and adapts as necessary when our dog appears fatigued.  We highly recommend Tomas to train your dogs!"

Michele and Malcolm - North Bethesda

Mr. Kaufman-O'Reilly helped train my family's collie with helpful ideas.  I had no training experience previously, so for me it was very helpful and informative. He seems genuinely interested in the animal kingdom and people's pets in particular.

Laura- Fairfax

I reached back out to Tom for an additional session after I noticed my dog started to resource guard. Tom was very responsive and was able to come out the same day to help with this. While working with him, we were able to recreate the resource guarding behavior by my dog in which we worked to correct the behavior. He also taught us techniques to practice to further prevent this behavior. Additionally, Tom took the time to work with us on our dog's jumping, greeting of new people, and reacting to outside noises. He answered dozens of our questions and provided excellent recommendations on products as well. Would highly recommend!

Jill T

Tom is the best! Super kind and gentle with our pup. Knew exactly how to work through the list of issues we wanted to have addressed. He's responsive, affordable, and easy to work with. We got great results. Recommended.


Tom has been an amazing dog trainer for us with our new puppy Roxy. She arrived to us from another state at 8 months of age. He is patient and has experience with various types of dogs. He has come up innovative ideas for the optimal type of leash, music to help train Roxy to her anxiety with loud noises, and has found the treats she likes and that movement is what motivates her to comply with commands. Roxy is learning commands and has mastered "sit" and "stay" and "heel" and is working on come when called and more. Tom has really helped Roxy transition to our family and has helped us learn all about our dog that we love!-

-Michal and Jonathan Helfgott

Tom has been such an immense help in training our dogs. What was once a stressful task of walking the dogs, became an enjoyable, happy experience for both the canines and the humans. Additionally, he taught us how to get the dogs to not jump on everyone who comes through the front door. It’s really remarkable! His patience and knowledge have really changed the dynamic and interaction between dogs and humans. We highly recommend him!

Sandra - North Bethesda

It has been a pleasure to learn from Tom, his patience and understanding of how to teach our dog was amazing for me. He was extremely knowledgeable.   After working with Tom, our German Straight Hair Pointer that was not trained, learn how to walk without pulling, and how to obey my commands I strongly recommend Tom's services!

Ana - North Bethesda

Tom's the best. Thx for the great work with our Pup! Basic commands were mastered and the best part is that now we don't get pulled all over the place when we go out for a walk. Definitely a good experience.

Nick-Washington D.C

Tomas is terrific; he came to our home and may have been more focused on training us than training Bear. I’ve discovered that this is a novel and almost a reverse system than the one employed by most trainers, and have discovered that it's efforts have lasted and been absorbed by us in ways that have given us greater control of -- and affection from -- bear than I thought possible from a one-hour session.

Michael- McLane, VA

We had a great experience with Tom! We wanted our dog to be more well behaved around others and also master some basic commands. Tom knocked it out in 3 sessions, and the results were evident - and most importantly - they stuck! We'll likely see him again soon for some more advanced training. Highly recommend.  Thx Tom!

Los Angeles, Nick

Cannot say enough good things about Tom! He was quick to respond to my email and then even came to our house the next day. He spent over an hour with us giving us multiple options for how to help our new puppy. He made sure we understood everything he suggested and was very patient with us and our dog. Within the hour he was with us, our dog was already calmer and more focused. The next day we started his using his training plans and tips and its like we have a different dog. I had a few clarifying questions that I emailed him and he responded right away. Tom is so helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone!

Arielle S, - Wheaton, Wheaton, MD

Jill S, Washington DC

We reached out to Tom when we realized we needed some help with our puppy. He was very responsive and we had a consult where we discussed what we wanted to achieve and then scheduled our first session. Tom arrived right on time, came prepared with a personalized plan, and was very professional. He helped us with basic commands and gave us tips based on how our puppy responded. He then taught us several exercises to work on to help with basic obedience and lease biting. We've already seen an improvement in our puppy's behavior and will be scheduling more sessions as our puppy progresses. I'd highly recommend!

Nicole T. - Gaithesburg, MD

Tom is a great trainer. He has helped my newly adopted/all over the place pomchi learn commands and leash walking skills. He has been extremely accommodating during COVID and my dog instantly loved him (which says a lot because he's very anxious around most people). He clearly really cares about the dogs he works with. Definitely recommend!

Marnie K- Bethesda

"Tom is knowledgeable, reliable, and speaks the language of dogs! He connected well with my puppy and with myself. He provided practical tips and tricks that have enhanced our bond and improved our training."

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