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We will first meet with you and your dog. We want to make sure that the dog is present to create a positive association with us and the owner. After that has been established, we would sit down with you and discuss how can we go about helping you.  Then at that point, we will create an individual plan for your dog and your particular situation.

Backyard Agility



Backyard agility is a fun class that is designed for both dog and the dog owner to enjoy.  This is one sure way to bond with your dog.  A lot of behavioral issues happen because dogs do not get sufficient exercise. This course will get that energy out of their system.  Inside or outside agility courses are available.

Here are some benefits that come along with learning agility:

  •          The dog will learn to focus on their handler.  

  •          It improves your dog’s strength and muscles.

  • The dog will burn off energy when they run through the course.  This is great for dogs that are hyperactive and are looking for a workout that is both mentally and physically.

   This is what your class contains:

·         ·       Low jumps

·         ·       Poles

·         ·       Tube

·                 See Saw

·                 Flat work.

Although Agility is not offered as it's own particular class due to the diversity of skills that a dog has.  This can always be added on to the package that you decide to purchase. 

Are you a new dog owner? Is your dog peeing inside your house? Maybe he is nipping and biting you and you need solutions? Are you looking for just basic commands? This is the package where you want to start with.

  • Learn Basic commands:  Sit, Stay, Down, come when called

  • How to greet guests at the door.

  • Crate Training

  • House Breaking

  • Chewing

  • Nipping, biting

  • Barking and whining.

  • Counter surfing

  • Leash handling skills.


Advanced Obedience - $295

Maybe your dog needs more than just one class to pick up the commands or behavior you want them to learn?  Maybe you did great in the basics and want something more advanced.

This Package will cover the following areas:

  • It covers whatever you did not pick up in the Basic Obedience class.

  • You will be introduced to more advanced commands.

  • Proofing commands

  • Distraction work

  • Leash walking skills

Are you ready to combine what you learned in Basics and Advanced Obedience classes? Maybe you want your dog to go to their place when guests are coming over?  Maybe you want to just be able to say the word "Crate" and have the dog do exactly what you just asked them to do?

  • Covers Basic Obedience Commands

  • Covers Advanced Obedience commands

  • Bell method for letting your dog he has to go 

  • Crate on command.

  • Distraction work

  • Proofing commands

  • Leash walking skills

This is the most complete package I could come up with.  This should allow you to talk to your dog and then have them do what you tell them to do on command.  This class is meant to have your dog ready to be outside in the real world.  

  • Basic Commands (both verbal and non-verbal)

  • Advanced commands

  • Proofing commands

  • Distraction work

  • We make the commands as difficult as they can to test your dog’s limitations.

  • Have your dog pay attention to you while you walk them.

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Long Distance Recall

  • Prevent your dog from bolting out the door.

  • Crate on Command

  • Have your dog go to it's place and stay there

  • Jumping

  • Counter Surfing

  • Leave it.

Day Training

   Are you too busy to train your dog?  No problem I am here to help.   It is just one flat rate, per hour that I work with      your dog while you are busy with life or decide to go on vacation.  We can set it up for as many times a week as you       want.

   Take a Break:  $130 for one hour a week.

   Happy Hour:   $230 for 2 times a week.

   Vacation:     $330 for 3 times a week

Behavioral Modification programs

These are the behaviors that I deal with the most:

-multi dog house holds:

  • Dogs are not getting along. 

  • A new dog or puppy is being introduced to a dog that already lives there.

-Leash reactive dogs:

  • Your dog alarm barks, howls, growls, and even at times lunges towards other dogs.

  • Exhibits fear when seeing other dogs.

  • Body becomes rigid and stiff.

  • Dog has redirected their aggression towards you and in the process you got bitten 

  • Your dog cannot be introduced to other dogs.

-Separation Anxiety: 

  • The dog follows you around from room to room.

  • Barks or howls when you are not home.

  • Dog cannot be crated without injuring himself by trying to get out. 

  • Dog engages self-mutilation.

  • Destruction of Property

  • Dog has gone to the bathroom while are you gone and is already house broken (potty trained)

  • Spends all day waiting by the door waiting for you.

  • Gets between you and the door not leaving you room to access the door to access going outside.

  • Greetings at the door are overly excited.

-Dogs that are overly Excited:

  • Dog jumps uncontrollably trying to meet other dogs and/or people.

  • Barks excitably.

  • You as the owner cannot handle your dog's excitability.

  • Some of the time this can be confused with leash reactivity (believe it or not).


-Fearful Dogs:

  • Dogs are scared of other dogs.

  • Dogs are scared of people

  • Dogs that are scared of being touched.

  • Dog's that are scared of loud noises.

-Resource Guarding:

  • Begins between 6 to 8 months of age.

  • Dog will grab their object of affection and try to hide it away from it's owner.

  • The owner cannot grab a toy out of the dog's mouth without the dog growling at them.

  • Dog will body block other dogs and or people when it comes to their water bowl and/ or food bowl

-Given that the treatments for each one of these is so different and can vary on degrees of severity. Each dog would have to be evaluated on a case by case basis. I normally advise people to purchase one single class, so that I can evaluate their dog.

AKC Good Canine Citizenship Test:  $130

  • Are you interested in your dog becoming a service dog?

  • Would you like your dog to become a therapy dog?

  • The first step that these dogs will have to do is to take the AKC (CGC) Good Canine Citizenship Test.

  • I will prepare your dog to take the test, pass the test and much more.

Day Training vs Coaching

Two dogs

Day Training

This is a great option for individuals who live very busy lives, yet want their dog trained. Sometimes, life just gets busy. A lot of people are working from home, and their kids are being homeschooled. So, if you feel like you don’t have time to train your dog, that is okay. I am here to do that for you. With this program, I would be training your dog for you.  Then we would meet up to discuss what your dog was taught.


This is where I teach you, how to train your dog.  With this program, I will be giving you homework and we will probably just meet once a week.  This is an excellent program for individuals who are genuinely interested in dog behavior, dog psychology and are great at following through with the assignments that are given to them on a week by week basis.

Smart Dog

Our Services

What I Offer You and Your Pets

Lazy Dog

Behavior Consulting

  • How to get yourself and your family ready for a new dog (before you get them).

  • Are you expecting a new member of the family?

  • Does your dog freak out when they see other dogs or strangers approaching?

  • Do they guard their toys, food, or even members of the family?

  • Does your dog start barking and/or destroy things while you are away?

  • Is your dog anxious? or scared when they hear loud noises?

  • Did you recently move and your dog is having a hard time adjusting to its new surroundings?

  • Your dog is barking so much, you are getting noise violations or might be evicted?

  • While walking you feel that the dog is walking you and not the other way around.

I understand that all of these things can be frustrating, but they are all manageable and can be treated.

Dog Obedience Training

This is what your dog will learn:

  • Learn all basic commands.

  • Learn advanced commands.

  • Come when called

  • How to walk your dog.

  • Crate training

  • Stop counter surfing

  • Keeping your dogs off of your couch.

  • stop excessive Barking

  • stop excessive jumping.

  • Boundary training

  • Stop biting and nipping.

  • Keeping your dog safe from running out the door.

  • Giving dogs commands at distance for their own safety.

  • Teaching your dog tricks and techniques to show off to your friends and family.

  • Enjoy our Canine Cardio Backyard agility class.

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