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Calming your dog down.

If you want to try a holistic approach before you put your dog on a medication there are options out there for you. Not all of these are effective. Some of them are effective on some dogs, and not effective on other dogs. Of course, I would always advise you to speak with your vet, or vet. behaviorist.

I would never go against anything that they have to tell you. the drugs that they give you are FDA approved and have plenty of data to back it up. Most of the supplements at the bottom of the page are not FDA approved. Your Vet cannot approve of them, because they would be working outside of the boundaries of their practice and could potentially be sued.

A good example is CBD treats where there is some anecdotal evidence that they are effective, but that is very different then having rigorous standards and quality control.

All of this being said. Here is a list of supplements and other things that you can try to calm your dog down. My company is not liable for any injuries, sickness or death that could occur because you chose to purchase, and give these products to your dog.

Please read the bottles that the manufacturers give. Most of these can be purchased in the free market over Amazon. Please read the reviews. Not all products are made the same. Also, as a standard practice I would recommend only trying one thing at a time.

I do have some experience with some of these products. Some of these products are effective, while others have no effect at all. Finally, and this is something to be taken seriously… Some of the products have terrible life-threatening consequences depending on the brand that you purchase, your specific dog, and how much was administered to your dog. Please be a responsible dog owner and do your research.

All of this being said here are a list of items that you can purchase to calm your dog down:

1) Melatonin (begins to work within 30 minutes)

2) Hemp Treats (works in 45 minutes of ingestion)

3) Rescue Remedy (takes 2 weeks two build in your dog’s system)

4) CBD Treats (Takes two weeks to work)

5) Liquid nutricalm

6) The Calming Diet

7) Pheromone Collar

8) Thunder Jacket

9) Amazon play list of calming music.

The free market is always coming out with new supplements all of the time. There are specific. If you want to avoid the above list and would like make a change to your dog's diet. There are specific foods that you can add to your dogs diet that will calm your dog down.

Here is the link to 11 foods for anxiety in dogs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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