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My dog is growling. Now what?

Most of the time dogs growl becasue you are making them uncomfortable. So, just note that if your dog is growling they are asking you to back off. Do not make eye contact and just walk away. The growl is the last hint that they dog is going to bite. What is really worrisome are dogs that don't growl and go for a bite (yes, these situations do happen). If your dog is growling, there is most likely a reason as to why it's doing what it's doing, just like any other behavior. Most of the time there is a trigger that is causing this behavior. When the act is recreated, you can expect a similar result. Depending on the situation, some dogs simly do not feel comfortable being poked in the eye by a 9 year old. Other dogs have had traumatic events and will become aggressive if they receive teh same stiumulus. Some dogs will need training, others medication and others a combination of the two.

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