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Dogs that are fearful of Noises!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Dogs have very sensitive ears. Mostly all of them will have a reaction to noise, but some of these reactions can be out of control.

The most common reactions you will get a reaction are the following:

Thunderstorms, car backfiring, Fireworks, Sirens, Vacuum cleaners, washer, dryer and dish washer.

What can you do about your dog’s sensitivity to noises?

Our goal is to have the dog create a positive association with the noises that they are going to be hearing.

Luckily with today’s technology we can actually get dogs well prepared before the event.

1) The first thing we want to do is expose the dog to the sound at a very low volume. So low, that only the dog can hear it and for a few seconds.

2) Give your dog a treat,

3) Smile and be happy while you are doing this. Please play with your dog!! The dog should pick up that this is a good time for you the person, this will go a long way.

4) Massage your dog.

5) Gradually you will have to increase the number of seconds and volume that the dog will be having to hear the noise. Eventually you will want the sound to be the same.

Along with behavioral modification and desensitization. There is also medication that can be given to your dog to help and assist.

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