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Dog Walker at the Park

Tips for Hot weather:

  • Do not place your dog outdoors if it’s 90 degrees or over.

  •  Even on hot days, please bring your dog water and keep them hydrated.

  • Please find trees and shade to keep them as cool as possible.

  • Dog’s do not sweat, they pant.

  • Put your hand against the pavement for 5 seconds. If it burns your hand, then it will definitely burn your dog’s paws.

  • Always try to walk your dog on grass instead of pavement.

Dog Walker

Tips to Make Dog Walking Fun

  • Be the first one out of the door and have your dog sit until they are invited to come to walk with you.

  • When you walk. Walk with a sense of purpose and intention.

  • Paradoxically, even when you walk with intention, you should be relaxed and keep a loose leash.

  • Keep your leash low by your hip, this way you give yourself a better chance to control the dog while keeping slack on the leash.

  • Never give your dog a treat, if the leash is tight. Otherwise, the dog will learn.  “If the leash is tight, then I will receive a treat.”

  • Always give a dog a few seconds to figure things out on their own when you call their name.  Dog’s are not robots.  It takes them a few seconds to figure out to go back to their owner. This is completely normal, and you should not feel bad that this is going on.  This will get better with practice, time, and growth.

  • Please talk to your dog while walking them.  Be engaging, enjoy the walk, and your time with your dog.  When you talk to your dog, please have one phrase that you use while you walk them.  Extend the words, to keep the dog calm.  “EEEAAASSSYY……Giiirll”,  “Slowwww……dowwwn”

  • Use part of the walk for some training if possible.  Practice the four basic commands.

  • You also have to let a dog be a dog.  Dogs should be allowed to smell, run, and explore.  This is not only about the owner; the dog has its own needs as well. 

Your Online Learning Center

Your dog is always speaking to you.

Here is a good YouTube video that will give you the basics of your dog’s body language.

Vizsla Dogs
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